• The

    Phoenix Process

    Alchemical transformation in your daily life...

    can be High Level Fun!


    It only takes one awake person to speak out.

    If you are awake and you are the one to notice the tribal dynamics calling up shadow-world demons and you do not transcend your inner cyclone of hesitations and speak clearly about what is going on until people’s awareness shifts and something different happens, then how can you imagine you are not sourcing the shadow-world yourself?


    If you do not speak out, who will?


    If you expect someone else to speak out, why do you think it would be any easier for them than for you?


    The key is to create an authentically curious listening space. The way is to confront with vacuum-making questions.


    You can say, “I need to have a conversation about this conversation. In order to get to know you better would you please explain to me how a person such as yourself would choose to take the perspective that…?”


    Check the purpose being reflected by the results. The results don’t lie.


    Check the intention being mirrored by what is happening. What you have is what you want. But which “you” is doing the wanting?

    Bring current conditions into breakdown. It is Phoenix Process time:


  • The Phoenix Process

    How It Works





    Pull all the rugs out from under yourself. Throw all the bugs into the fire. Stir the mess until current conditions completely disintegrate and burn cleanly until only cold ashes remain.



    Stay present together in the desolate nothingness and wait attentively until the next thing starts. Do not try to hurry this part. The in-between state might take longer than is comfortable, and there is no guarantee... (HINT: Nothingness is a required condition for learning to fly. Human beings are designed to fly.)



    When the next thing starts, pay close attention to what you could do differently this time. Go back to Step 1.


    We have a theory suggesting that the style of underworld that takes over in your part of the gameworld depends on which brain type is dominant for you.


    For example:

    Yellow Brain – unconscious joy empowers your Gremlin clown to joke around, evade, disregard, disrespect, belittle. You ridiculize people to death, passive-aggressively making meaninglessness. Making someone look stupid or irrelevant lets you undermine human connections or sincere efforts. You remain untouched by deflecting feedback.


    Green Brain – unconscious sadness makes you adaptive. Then you can assert cruelty, feel betrayed, viciously complain, and righteously plot revenge. You whip up a revolt or mutiny against the projected authority figures, destroying the system, playing needy as a hungry vampire or doing low-drama rescues to save the day and be secretly superior.


    Red Brain – unconscious anger forces others to leave you in charge. You are the best because you are the fastest and most certain. Your false assumptions arrogantly crush the concerns of others. You exaggerate the fanatical righteousness of your Box to assert yourself as the dictator.


    Blue Brain – unconscious fear of being wrong keeps you in control as the Possibility Management police. Fierce argumentation from your superior understanding determines who or what is correct. You must demolish anyone who makes a mistake, banishing or punishing them in public, for fear they tarnish your perfection.

  • Phoenix Process Experiments

    "Phoenixing three times before breakfast is the start of a very fine day."

    - from an experienced Possibilitator

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